Update –

Frogs in creeks everywhere. I love nor cal. Love spring.  Not as much as I love fall though. I was born in October. It remains the season of Newness, for me…

doula on occasion. Infrequent, sadly. Due to work and motherhood.

out of classes. Can blog again

Prolific chances robbed currently, due to motherhoodimage this is me in philly. first travel to east coast. Had CNM interview at school of choice. unplanned layover in philly turned fun

but the update…


still into gospel. Praising and praying. accepted everywhere. Hoping for the Ivy League. Waiting on financial aid info



This weekend: Son, Spirit, Slowtimes

Childbirth Notes:

‘Twas an interesting time around this weekend. Thursday and Friday we thought my sister was in labor. I have a lot to learn, since it turned out to be false. It goes to show that you really just never know for sure with labor and birth…(she is a primip…) her contractions were every 5 minutes, regularly, for an hour….then they became irregular, tapered off, and we are back to a quiet uterus by Monday. (See above photo of me being “doula” with hand on sis’s back while her hubby has a hand on her tummy…GREAT example of how a doula complements a dad’s efforts to be the labor coach).

Today (Monday), I got an email from a couple who was in the last childbirth education series of classes that I taught. I am so surprised and pleased that they took the time to email be a brief birth story, and send me photos of their new family (twins!). They were pleased with the birth experience, which makes me so happy…

Momma Notes:

With all this time off of work and school during these few weeks before hell breaks loose (I start my 2nd job at the Women’s Resource Center on campus, begin taking 12 grueling units in hard sciences and one women’s studies research class which requires a 20 page paper), I have had time to provide my  4 year old son with a wild time about town. We took him to see mini horses on a friend’s farm. Son and I visited my grandma at her home in Silicon Valley area for a few days. My dad and his girlfriend took us to Dim Sum (see nasty photo of fried/steamed chicken foot above) where son got to sit by the lobster tank, which was very fun for his kid-self. He made sure that everyone who was listening knew that he is vegetarian, a person who eats NO meat, and that he would not be eating any of the seafood placed on our table. Even though I have been a vegetarian for 9 years, I always eat a bit of meat when it is a dish I have never tried. So yeah, I ate a bite of chicken feet. Yep, it was gross.   Like all meat is to me after so long of being veg. I still feel a bit nauseous thinkin’ on it.

You will also note a photo above of son at gramma’s. My grandma has a tradition with her grandkids that has carried on to her great-grandkids: going to McDonalds for most meals (a huge treat for kids with health-nut parents). So I had a weird moment during breakfast at McDonald’s this morning….my 4 year old son was playing a game on my 3g iPhone, and my 85 year old gramma was deep in thought as she texted various people on her iPhone 4. All the while I looked on, thinking “Damn, why do I always find myself in groups of people who are ALL on their f—-ing smart phones when this is supposed to be a social event…even when I am with a 4 year old and 85 year old…WTF.” …I guess that is what I get when I am in Mountain View (the HQ for Apple/Google/Yahoo/FB/etc).

Spirit Notes:

When I first laid eyes on her she was arriving late to the dinner party, entering in the middle of the host/president’s pre-dinner speech. She was laughing and distraught because she had gone to the wrong home and rang the doorbell, and finally a white lady had come to the door and haughtily asked her what she wanted, and did she know anyone in the neighborhood (an upper-middle class area). The doctor was embarrassed and incredulous that her presence in the neighborhood had been questioned. She fussed so in front of the dinner party group because even in 2012, even with her being an accomplished professional and amazing person, her presence in the new neighborhood was problematic to one resident, because she is black.

I am most grateful for the moments I spend listening this person whom I have longed to meet, ever since Partner told me about her, and how she contributed to the college’s humanitarian trip to Haiti this Spring past. She is an MD out of Oakland CA, completed ministerial training at Seminary after 30 years of her work as an MD, and after talking with her, I also think it safe to assume she is a vehement feminist. She is a lifelong advocate of social justice and a follower of God. You have to meet her- she is amazing. One of those people who bless you when you speak with them. Someone who you sense God in. When she is not seeing patients in the US, she is giving talks which are combination sermons/health education to folks in various parts of Africa, in Haiti, and other places. She is powerful and she has the ovaries to speak a truest-of-truths that may offend those who hear it because it challenging even as it blesses.

This was at  a dinner party that myself and Partner went to. Hosted by the president of the college where I went/ partner goes to. I had home cooked Haitian food, compliments of President’s wife and daughters. I had amazing conversations with the various party guests, are who are very loving people, who are educated and humble and committed to lifting others up. Thanks be to god for a wonderful weekend. ❤

Slut walk Sacramento 2012


Slut walk Sacramento 2012

I found this photo when I googled images for SlutWalk Sacramento. Photo number 4. Don’t know who the hell took this, nor do i understand what is going on with the site it was posted on. Oh well. (You will notice I am quite covered, as it was well over 100 degrees and the WRC table was in the sun- EW.)

GRE done, time to chill. Dub, wine, choc

Took GRE todAy. Scored 162 verbal, YAY, and 147 quantitative, NAY. Basically I am 89th percentile for verbal skills and 31 st percentile for math stuffs. Will get essay scores in 2 weeks and I expect to score well in those. I thought the test was hard as F—. I almost cried at several points In the 4.5 hour period of screen-staring. I feel ok after speaking with one test taker, an engineering masters-student hopeful, who also felt the math portion was very challenging. I felt like, ok, I am not a dumb mom, not a silly Womens Studies major who thinks she is the shit cuz she is graduating Summa Cum Laude but really is quite unintelligent. No, I feel smart still, tempered with humility. I still have a shot at the Ivy leagues for grad school. Graduate direct-entry nursing programs in midwifery, here I come. I just need a lil’ wine, beer cheese, and dark chocolate to kill the pain of the GRE. After I had my IPA. All treats compliments of my parter. And my son (“mommy we got you treats to celebrate!”)….if god is willing, the scores will send me to some of the top nursing schools to which I have applied, to do a 3year Masters program where I become a nurse in year one and an NP/midwife in years 2-3!
….the King Tubby pandora station is pretty well.

Music Lately

Amanda Palmer, Kresyshawn, Azailea Banks, Andre Nickatina (has been a ten year love affair- still love his insightful raps ), various Gospel tunes, Washed Out (of Portlandia theme song), Das Racist, Saul Williams. Mmm, I have been getting a lot out of Gospel lately…god is good…..Here is me staring into space in awe of all these artists, while I brandish the new elbow tat again (it is a good tat (by Charlie) and it’s for my girl, can you blame me?) … I listen to them all at least once a week.


“hey girl” Gosling feminist phenomenon


News flash! Introducing Ryan gosling as imaginary feminist lover, if you have not already heard. check out this amazing blog which lends validation and comfort to the isolated feminist (such as self) or womens studies fanatic, and incorporates several dashes of sexiness for you hetero ladies. Gosling whispers cerebral suggestions to his intelligent feminist purveyor in text format …as you gaze into his eyes.

2012 Presidential Candidate

I have been debating whether or not to vote for Obama for 2012 president. I would vote for him to keep Romney out of office. I would prefer to not have to vote for Obama because he is but another presidential puppet, a pawn. One example of why I do not approve of him is that he deported more “illegal aliens” than any other president. I do not believe in borders (Ideologically. I know that economically there is a reason for border control, I just do not think borders are ethical), and am not happy about Obama’s deportation aggressiveness.
I just found out that Roseanne Barr will run for President in 2012, with Cindy Sheehan as VP. I will strongly consider voting for the latter candidates as they are radically outspoken against corrupt banking, corporate monopolization of the US political process, and other issues. Both have had a presence in the Occupy movement, which I have also proudly aligned myself with. Barr is not afraid of socialist ideology, and while I am ideologically of anarchist leanings at heart, I sympathize with socialism’s roots as well as goals. I am not sure if I buy into the idea that the “master’s tools can dismantle the master’s house” (bent up audre Lorde quote), so I do not know if a Barr vote is better than an Obama vote, but I will continue to follow Barr’s efforts to become prez, and will further ponder where I am at politically this year….

Barr for Prez

http://nymag.com/arts/tv/upfronts/2011/roseanne-barr-2011-5/“Nothing real or truthful makes its way to TV unless you are smart and know how to sneak it in, and I would tell you how I did it, but then I would have to kill you.” -Barr